GREE Announces $10 Million Investment Fund for Mobile Games Developers

San Francisco, CA – February 5, 2013 - GREE today officially announced details of the GREE Partners Fund, a new program focused on establishing long-term relationships with talented developers in the free-to-play mobile games industry. The fund will be run by Jim Ying, VP of Publishing and Partners for GREE International, Inc., and will enable GREE to invest an aggregate of $10 million through equity investments of $1 million or more.

“As with our investment in MunkyFun, the goal is to create long-term partnerships with a small group of top developers whose experience positions them well to create games of exceptional quality from both a game play and revenue perspective, ” said Ying. In addition to the monetary investment, partners will benefit from GREE’s hands-on approach to knowledge and resource sharing with the ultimate goal being the release of outstanding games for players around the world.

The GREE Partners Fund will offer a suite of benefits to GREE’s new partners, including access to tools and teams available to GREE’s own internal studios.  GREE also plans to support partner titles through a variety of marketing efforts, monetization consulting, post-launch operations, and growth initiatives.

GREE continues to support and create leading mobile social gaming experiences for users and developers worldwide. For more information about GREE, visit or follow us on Twitter at @GREE_Corp.

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