GREE Announces New Partnerships with Four North American Developers

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San Francisco, CA - August 23, 2012 - GREE, a leading social gaming content and platform provider, today announced partnerships with four industry-leading North American independent developers: Gamenauts, InfiniDy, Oceanside Interactive, and SkyVu Entertainment. The new partnerships further showcase GREE's commitment to supporting great indie developers and contribute to the ongoing growth of today's social mobile games market.

"As a distribution partner, GREE is committed to maximizing our developers' opportunities for success through our platform technology and best practices knowledge sharing, while ensuring independence and ownership of their intellectual property," says Ben Chen, Senior Director of Developer Relations at GREE International, Inc. "There is no doubt that the indie community is responsible for pushing innovation in our industry, and we're incredibly excited to see our new partners excel."

SkyVu Entertainment
SkyVu Entertainment is the game studio behind the hit mobile franchise BATTLE BEARS. Founded by feature film CORALINE animator Ben Vu in 2009, SkyVu (pronounced sky-voo) has quickly grown into an indie game tour-de-force with multiple award-winning games and named one of the Top 50 Developers of 2012. With over 18 MILLION downloads, the BATTLE BEARS mid-core fan community rallies behind all the games to experience SkyVu's signature action-packed gameplay with the only fully animated cut scenes in mobile games today. Coming this fall, SkyVu will release the highly anticipated encore to the BATTLE BEARS story with BattleBears Zero (BB0) exclusively with GREE. BB0 is a maddening and hilarious adventure of a hapless bear named Wil burdened with saving the universe. BB0: Wil's Finest Hour is packed with laughs, wit, story, and multiplayer action for mobile gamers everywhere.

InfiniDy is a rising star in the social gaming world with more than 7 million downloads to date. InfiniDy's latest game title, Happy Park, a theme park simulation game, has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 5.3 million downloads, making it the biggest and most popular theme park game on any mobile platform. InfiniDy will be bringing its new title, Happy Zoo Park, on the GREE mobile platform. Happy Zoo Park is a freemium game where you can build your very own animal kingdom-themed zoo. While collecting an array of fun animal entertainers (like Koala Kissing, Elephant Tug of War, or Skating Polar Bear, etc.), players manage their thriving park by hiring employees and animal keepers, by building hotels, advertising, attracting celebrity superheroes and much more! This game combines the fun and excitement of building a great theme park while raising and nurturing animals in a vibrant zoo.

Oceanside Interactive
Based in Los Angeles, Oceanside Interactive has been developing mobile games since 2009 with over 2.5 million downloads of its groundbreaking title MyDinos Go! Oceanside's newest adaptation of the MyDinos™ universe will take the player on a time-traveling adventure to Jurassic forests, Ice Age villages, ancient Egypt, and a ravaged Future Earth to capture and battle over 500 unique "Dynamals" in a high-quality, turn-based battle environment. As a Dynamal trainer, the player must build a ranch where they will train and breed the ultimate fighting team andunlock the secret to saving Future Earth. MyDinos uses GREE Platform to send gifts and trade rare Dynamals so that players can complete their collections and become master Dynamal trainers!

Gamenauts is an award-winning games developer and publisher, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2005, the company maintains a portfolio of #1 hits in the casual games space on multiple platforms. Gamenauts is excited to bring the latest Android version of its mega-hit title Ninja Fishing to GREE Platform in Q4 2012. Armed with an addictive mix of fishing and sword-slashing game play, Ninja Fishing was one of the top played games in 2011, with over 7 million players worldwide.

GREE continues to focus on building a leading mobile social gaming platform for users around the world by creating high-quality content in collaboration with established global partners including Crowdstar, iWin, and Gameloft. These partnerships are a significant step towards creating a robust portfolio of titles for all gamers and showcasing GREE's commitment to worldwide mobile games market.

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