GREE Announces New Partners for Global Mobile Social Platform

- Focus on Independent Developers and Unique Titles -

San Francisco, CA - July 23, 2012 - GREE, a leading social gaming content and platform provider, today officially announced partnerships with some of the industry's most promising and successful indie developers - Hothead Games, Soma Games, SpaceGum, and SiuYiu. These new partners will help GREE achieve its goals of bringing unique high-quality content to players and high-engagement users to developers worldwide.

"We are dedicated to supporting the independent game development community with our platform technologies," says Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing, GREE International, Inc. "These partners represent a talented group of game makers that we expect will bring new experiences to our growing game community. I'm excited to offer GREE's support in bringing their games to the market."

Hothead Games
Hothead Games, formed in 2006, is one of Canada's largest independent game studios. Based in Vancouver, Hothead is focused on creating fun and dynamic mobile games that bring exceptional experiences to gamers worldwide. Hothead will release its popular mobile title Zombie Ace exclusively on the GREE Platform. Zombie Ace invites players to join the undead air force and fly a zombie-piloted plane from Seattle to New York to infect 14 different US cities. Come fly the deadly skies and feel what it's like to be on the winning side in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Soma Games
Soma Games, based in Newberg, Oregon, is a passionate team dedicated to creating a game development culture that fosters excellence in work, purpose beyond the job, and the ability to change the world for good. The company is committed to creating games across a wide range of genres and platforms, including mobile. Soma will bring three new titles exclusively to the GREE mobile social platform: Wind Up Football, G:Prime, and Nuclear Destruction. Wind Up Football takes players to the field to join a team of robots for a pick-up game of mash-em, crash-em football. G:Prime brings the mysterious Arc Universe to brilliant 3D, inviting gamers to step into the ship known as Ptolemy and explore a beautiful action-filled space environment. Finally, Nuclear Destruction, starts where the old-school play-by-mail games left off to introduce a new generation of gamers to a campy, fast paced game of strategy, high stakes, and world destruction.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, SpaceGum has been developing for the mobile space since 2010, focusing on augmented reality technologies and games with mapping systems. The company's flagship title, Battlepath, enables players to participate in games located in their neighborhoods and city streets. Its newest title - Battlepath 3000 - will be released exclusively on the GREE platform. Battlepath 3000 invites players to build a space-port and become the boss of their neighborhood in a sci-fi game that twists Earth into a futuristic wonderland.

SiuYiu SiuYiu, based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, is an independent game developer. Formed in 2010 by Kathy Fung, SiuYiu creates content through the collaborative efforts of veteran game developers with a passion for premium sim games. SiuYiu will bring its adorable new title Tiny Sheep- an irresistible sheep breeding sim that invites players to care for and grow their very own flock of wooly friends- exclusively to the GREE platform. For more information about the game visit For more information about SiuYiu, visit

GREE has strong partnerships with some of the industry's top game developers and publishers including Crowdstar, iWin, and Gameloft. GREE continues to focus on building the world's biggest mobile social games platform and forming strong partnerships to bring the best mobile games content to users around the world. The company is committed to giving developers the social tools and resources necessary to create robust social gaming experiences and reach relevant audiences worldwide.

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