GREE to Begin Investing in Southeast and East Asia

- Plans to Actively Support Start-up Companies Targeting Global Markets -

Burlingame, CA - November 2, 2011 - GREE today announced that it has resolved to enter the venture capital business with a focus on Internet business-related start-up companies. For the entry, GREE has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, GREE Ventures, and formed a GV-I investment partnership which globally invests in Internet-related businesses under the management of GREE Ventures.

Aiming to boost the Internet market, not only in Japan but throughout the world, GREE will support the growth of promising unlisted venture companies which operate mainly in the Internet market in Southeast Asia and East Asia, where long term expansion is expected.

1. Overview of the new business

Positioning the GV-I Investment Partnership as its core, GREE's new business will conduct investment activities focusing on start-up companies that have the potential to play an active role in global markets mainly in the Southeast Asia and East Asia utilizing GREE's global network.

2. Commencement date of the new business

November 2011 (tentative)

3. Outline of GREE Ventures

(1) Company name GREE Ventures, Inc.
(2) Representative Yoshikazu Tanaka
(3) Address Minato-ku, Tokyo
(4) Date of establishment November 2011 (tentative)
(5) Investment ratio 100%
(6) Capital stock 100 million yen

4. Outline of GV-I

(1) Name GV-I Investment Partnership
(2) Total investment amount 2 billion yen (tentative)
(3) Date of establishment November 2011 (tentative)
(4) Manager GREE Ventures, Inc.
(5) Other investor GREE, Inc.
(6) Main investment targets Unlisted start-up venture companies which operate Internet-related businesses mainly in the Southeast Asia and the East Asia

The effects of this announcement on our performance are under review and we will immediately disclose any major effects if identified.

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